Marinas and guest service

A first trip on the canal is exciting, you probably do not know what awaits you after the next bend. A bridge, a lock or a long straight? It is part of the allure.

However, it can feel safe for you to know the next stop for the night, or bunkering.

The Göta Canal has 21 marinas, which are included in your ticket price. All Göta Canal marinas are drop-in; i.e. slips cannot be reserved. Limited slips available.

While travelling the Göta Canal, you have access to: 5 days per marina along your route,
full guest service (toilet, shower, laundry room), shore power, drinking water, septic tank or slop sink waste disposal, tourist information etc.

You will also find jetties free of charge where you can stay overnight and beyond that several guest and natural harbors in lake Vättern where the fee is very modest. Vadstena and “Stenbryggan” (the Stone Bridge) in Karlsborg are two examples.

Below are our recommended marinas. Look out for our bases where you begin or end your trip, as well as the ports we recommend for overnight and bunkering.

Our journey here goes from east to west, but if you are going the opposite way you have as much to pick our tips on ports.


Start or stop for jour trip depending on route. The marina in Söderköping is one of the most popular marinas in the canal. 50 berths.
Göta Kanal Charter recomends: Stock up here. Close to grocery stores and spirit store “Systembolaget”. Here are some municipal free parking spaces for those who have not ordered moving of your car.
Göta Kanal Charter recommend: Stock up here. Close to grocery stores and shopping. Here are some municipal free parking spaces for those who have not ordered moving your car.


Marina inside the lock with marina service in Kapten Bille’s Café and STF hostel. Fuel on quay: diesel.

Göta Kanal Charter recommend: Forgot to stock anything? A few steps to the grocery store with generous opening hours. You and the weather choose whether you will stay here or in the next marina Berg on the other side of lake Roxen.


The marina is right above the Carl Johan flight of locks in Berg, the most famous and longest flight in the Canal, with 7 locks connected. 40 berths.

Downstairs the Carl Johan’s locks you will find 10 berths with shore power, water, toilet and showers.

Göta Kanal Charter recommend: Natural stop for overnight, see Route. Five minutes walk to the grocery store.


The marina is next to Malfors bridge in Ljungsbro, within walking distance to Cloetta chocolate shop.

Göta Kanal Charter recommend: Option for accommodation in Berg. Walking distance to restaurants in Berg and especially the Cloetta factory sales of candy of the highest quality.


Marina in Borensberg. Here is one of the canal’s hand-operated locks. 20 berths.

Göta Kanal Charter recommend: Here’s how likely your second night, or next to last if you are traveling eastbound. Outstanding service center and close to both restaurants and grocery stores.


The Borenshult marina is right below the Borenshult flight of locks in Motala, the second longest flight in the Canal, with 5 locks connected.The boats being raised and lowered over 15 metres to bridge the difference to Lake Boren.

Göta Kanal Charter rekommenderar: If you  find reason not to stay in Borensberg on your westbound trip, or if you go eastbound, decides that it is enough for downward lockage in Borenshult, this marina a quiet and nice break for rest and overnight.

Motala verkstad

Mindre gästhamn på södra sidan kanalen utanför torrdockan. Förtöjning längs med kajen.

Göta Kanal Charter rekommenderar: Ett alternativ för dig som inte hinner eller inte vill ta den sista sträckan fram till Motala, eller om du går ostvart, tycker att du vill ha en lugnare omgivning.


The marina in Motala is the largest along the Canal with its 50 guest berths, close to Motala centre with all its service. In the harbour you will find Göta Canals Head Office and Motala Motormuseum with 167.000 visitors a year. Many cafés and restaurants and bike rental.

Göta Kanal Charter recommend: A natural stop whatever you go west or east. Lots to do, lots to see. Shopping, food, liquor, attractions of all kinds. In the South Harbour, a one nautical mil from Motala harbor you find fuel and LPG. From Motala Harbour paid our rent Return Trip Motala – Söderköping / Kinda Canal – Motala.


Vadstena is not included in AB Gota Canal Company, marinas, but thanks to the Gota Kanal Charter you have free access to the marina which is located directly adjacent to Vadstena Castle. It is just a few minutes walk to the center with nice shopping and all you need to stock up for the continued journey. There is of course a great number of attractions such as the Castle, Vadstena abbey, Toy Museum and much more.

Göta Kanal Charter recommend: Do not miss Vadstena out on your journey along the canal. It is perhaps here you should put your two-day peak.


Karlsborg is where the Göta Canal runs out into Lake Vättern. A walk from the marina to the Karlsborg Fortress with a guided Adventure Tour is a unique event.

Göta Kanal Charter recommend: Karlsborg are often well attended. There are options if it is crowded in the Göta Canal marina. Carlsborgs Segelsällskap (CSS) marina inside the bridge with electricity, barbecue, toilets, showers, bike loan, etc. for 180 SEK / night, and “Stenbryggan” (Stone Pier’s marina) with 40 berths outside the bridge in lake Vättern with shore power, toilets, showers and proximity to Karlsborg Fortress, charge SEK 100 / night. “Stenbryggan” is recommended for those going east in pre-order season because you have to pass the bridge before closing for the night.


The oldest lock in the Göta Canal is in Forsvik. It was built as early as 1813. Forsviks Bruk (Mill) are an incredible, living historical industrial environment. Marina with 12 berths.

Göta Kanal Charter rekommenderar: A place that many passes without stopping, which is a pity because Forsvik has so much to offer also beyond “Forsviks Bruk” and the paddle steamer. Forsviks Mat & Café (Food & Café), Kanalbutiken 5 Knop and new this year – Sail In Shop below the lock with maritime products, ice cream, etc.


Tåtorp is an idyll where the canal empties into Lake Viken. This is the site of one of the canal’s two hand-operated locks.

Göta Kanal Charter recommend: Perfect for a lunch stop after or before the journey across Lake Viken.


The marina that’s always bustling in the peak season. Hostel, camping, cottages and café.

Göta Kanal Charter recommend: For those who do not need to stock up, Vassbacken can be a nice alternative to Töreboda. Family friendly.


The marina at Jonsboda bridge, west of Töreboda, is situated right in the rural area of the canal. This is the place if you would like to spend a night in calm surroundings.

Göta Kanal Charter recommend: For those who want a bit more peace and quiet, an additional option to Töreboda. You have  access to a sauna for a small fee.


The marina in Töreboda offers av lively environment with entertainment evenings, café& pub. Outdoor pool in the nearby campingsite. Guest slips are located on both sides of the Canal.

Göta Kanal Charter recommend: On the way to the east, towards Söderköping, a good place to complete bunkering.


Marina at Hajstorp lock area, situated south of the bridge and double lock at Hajstorp. In Hajstorp you can visit a handicrafts exhibition in the old warehouse by the Canal and a cosy café by the locks.

Göta Kanal Charter recommend: Nice mooring with  fresh service facilities.


The area around the Norrkvarn locks near Lyrestad has been transformed into a world of adventure for the whole family. Norrqvarn Hotel has a popular restaurant and pub with serving out on the pier.

Göta Kanal Charter recommend: One of the most child-friendly guest harbors.


The Lyrestad marina is a popular meeting place for boaters, motorists and bicycle tourists. In the summer the local history society opens its museum in the old harbour warehouse, where you can also stop for a coffee.

Göta Kanal Charter recommend: Did you forget buying something in Sjötorp? Here is a chance to supplement supply in the village shop or finish the day at the guesthouse Åsgårdens excellent restaurant, or visit the nearby pizzeria.


Marina in Sjötorp in the boatyard basin above lock 3 and the basin between locks 1 and 2/3.

22 berths, 34 electrical sockets.
Marina facilities: Drinking water, toilet, shower, laundry facilities, septic tank emptying.
Fuel on quay: Diesel-tank, self-pay with Visa or MasterCard with PIN. Please note: Maestro card is not accepted.

Canal Museum, Tourist Information, café, bicycle rental.

Gota Kanal Charter recommend: Here you start or end your trip arranged by the Gota Kanal Charter you have chosen a one way trip or a round trip starting from Sjötorp. A cozy community with a shop, fish sales, food and cafes, summer shopping needs. Here are some municipal free parking spaces for those who have not ordered bilförflyttning.